Study in Italy

Italy, the preferred boot-shaped country of Europe, is a diversely beautiful, cultural, and historical country. You will have access to an extraordinary variety of cultural, historic, and touristic assets in Italy, from the Alps in the North to coastal beaches in the South and all in between.

Italy places a significant value on education, and there are several top-notch academic institutions there that welcome overseas students. Italy has been influential in academics, supporting the Bologna Process' reform of higher education in Europe. Students who pursue an education in Italy will learn vital academic material as well as crucial cultural skills in one of Europe's newest countries.


Study Intakes of Italy

International students may apply to one of the two intakes that Italian institutions provide each year. Beginning in September and continuing until January or February is the first intake. The second one runs from February to July. Different colleges have different semester beginning and finishing dates. Each semester lasts twenty weeks, of which six weeks are used for exams and fourteen weeks are dedicated to instruction.

Study Programmes offered in Italy

When Italian universities adopted a new study structure in 1999, higher education in that country underwent a transformation. Universities in Italy now break down what was once a 5-year education program into 3 years of undergraduate study (Bachelor's degree) and 2 years of graduate study.

Students have a choice of four primary courses:

  • University diploma
  • Bachelor of Arts/ Science
  • Research doctorate
  • Diploma of Specialization

Estimated cost to study in Italy

Public institutions in Italy typically charge a yearly tuition of about EUR 1,000. Europe's most affordable study location is Italy. Large cities like Rome or Milan might have high housing and living expenses, while smaller cities are far less expensive.

Study part-time opportunities in Italy

Students from outside the EU (international students) are permitted to work throughout their studies with the same hours as EU students, but they must get an international student work permit. International students from Italy typically work part-time or as interns for a salary of 500 euros.

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