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About Us

Who We are

Nuvo Horizons is founded with one single aim to establish the effortless transition for abroad studies across Horizons. We strive to enable students to find their dream country and help them make academic and career related choices. We understood that every country has diversity in culture and also in their educational programs. While preparing for abroad related exams is stressful enough, going through the lengthy application processes carved into each university is another put on for students to achieve their goals.

At Nuvo Horizons, we intend to solve this issue for the students. We want to make the process more enjoyable and transparent so that students can focus on achieving the best results instead of the process. We assume responsibility for the complete academic process, including tutoring for admission examinations, completing application paperwork, and helping with visas and student loans, among other things. When it comes to student visas, we have a stellar record for different countries.

What we do?

To answer this in one go, we do EVERYTHING for students planning to study abroad. Yes, right from assisting them in preparing for examinations to helping them in aiming for the best universities in the desired country. Once the students finalize the universities they intend to get into, we start the application process and save a lot of time for them by taking off the lengthy and tedious application process. Upon their arrival of admission, we train the students for the visa interview process and take several mock interviews for the same. In the end, we also take care of and help them prepare for the pre-departure and be of use to arrange accommodation upon arrival with our humongous connections.

Mission and Vision

“We aim to provide services to students to reach any horizon of the world to achieve their dream career hassle free and with complete knowledge knowing what they are aiming for.” In order to achieve our vision for the upcoming generations, we are actively expanding our Nuvo Horizons and venturing into new countries, understanding their academic perceptions and the process for our students to get in there. We want to make the dreams of aspiring students come true and wish to travel with them across the Horizons!

About Us Image
About Us Image

Why Choose us

While we are grateful that we extend the Horizons across the globe, we are also anxious about facilitating equal opportunities in all countries. Thus, our expansion and research team continuously updates our advisors and staff about the reforms, changes, and requirements of different global markets and academics. We are committed to providing fair, unbiased advice and are not unduly swayed by business considerations. This implies that even though it could be advantageous to us in some manner, we won't pressure a student to attend a certain university. We place a lot of importance on the institution and course selection to meet the students' demands and interests. As much as we value the students' career decisions, we also provide them with a wide variety of options to help them make informed decisions.

Looking for a dream career?

We help your dream to reality